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24 October 2003

The sole purpose of this site is to make existing and future Mardave Cobra  owners aware of the performance that we believe the car is capable of and to advise on how this performance may be unlocked. 

The Cobra has made a name for itself as an almost indestructible "first car" but all too often, when the driver starts to look for more performance, the Cobra is ditched for something different.  This usually makes a big hole in the bank balance and will not always bring instant success either.

COMING SOON The "Pet COBRA Page" :Let me have a .jpg of your car:)

We have developed the performance of the car to a level where a good pair of thumbs will hold their own against all-comers and whilst we are intending to market the modifications we also intend to show you how we have produced our prototype from the standard parts.  You can decide whether to make your own or buy ours when they become available.

This site will not grow unnecessary whistles and bells as its sole purpose is to disseminate information on the Cobra, not show you how good we are at web sites.  You probably already know that. 

The site will develop and you can help by letting us know which areas of modification you are most interested in.
We have carried out mods to the following areas and without any other guidance

from you, this is the planned order of attack :-

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